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The AI for optimizing hybrid workplace operations.

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BWith AI automatically assigns empty seats with zero touch, enabling you to seat more employees than the office capacity, cutting rent costs by up to 39%. 

Automatic desk reservation and hoteling.

BWith uses AI to know who’ll be in the office on which day, requiring zero inputs from busy employees.


And by using deep personalization we make sure that each employee gets the perfect seat. 


Connect all your systems into one brain.

Use BWith as the connecting brain for all hybrid workplace systems

  • AI-driven desk and parking reservations

  • Automatically update digital signs

  • Keep everyone up to date through the mobile app

  • Fine tune projections using entrance control data

  • Update time sheets on the fly


Precise AI-driven capacity forecast.

Our AI forecasts your capacity - per employee, department, floor or building - with amazing accuracy.


No need to rely on employee inputs or desk reservations.


The most flexible meeting room reservation system.

Allow easy searching from the mobile app, custom reservation and cancelation policies, integration with Outlook, digital signs integration and more.


Key Benefits for Operations Managers

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Get the most out of your space.

Let our algorithms handle seat assignments using smart rules. Integrate with existing entrance control and digital signage systems to make sure everything is in sync.

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Plan reductions and future moves.

Use our analytics and AI-driven insights to truly understand how to plan your next office. Make smarter decisions on whether to reduce your footprint, increase it, or rearrange it to optimize cost.

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Flexible control in real time.

Closely control how your office is used using an up-to-the-minute view of people and workstations. See which employees arrived unexpectedly, search for workstations by attribute, and make sure everybody gets the right space for their needs.

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Reduce operational costs.

Save on variable costs by having a clear forecast of utilization and needs. See how many parking spots are needed every day and prepare the exact amounts of food, drinks and other consumables to prevent waste and save money.

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Try BWith for free.

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