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Engage and retain your top talent by giving real value in coming to the office.


From unique in-person collaboration tools to AI-driven insights, BWith helps HR managers retain talent, provide high value in coming to the office, and create the right environment for strong relationships and collaboration.

Key benefits for HR managers

Attract, engage, and retain top talent

Helping employees establish high-quality relationships, strengthen connections, and bolster trust is key to attracting and retaining talent.


Our unique in-person collaboration tools and AI-driven insights help HR managers

  • Maximize value in coming to the office

  • Create an environment that promotes strong relationships and collaboration

  • Improve talent engagement and retention

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Give your talent the highest value in coming to the office

Create the highest value proposition for coming to the office - being with exactly the people your employees need, be it their team, friends, manager, mentor, or cross-functional networks.

With AI-based sync and tools for finding overlapping office days or grabbing a spontaneous lunch or coffee, BWith helps you create an environment that encourages connections.

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AI-powered serendipity

Create an environment ideal for chance encounters, impromptu hallway conversations, lunches and coffee breaks - exactly the places where creativity and spontaneous discoveries happen.

BWith AI brings together different groups to help uncover new ideas and new thinking, as well as to develop new relationships.


Build an environment for collaboration

Our AI brings the right set of people to the office every day, helping to foster and sustain trust. It allows you to have a finger on the pulse of your employees' connectedness, to identify those who are thriving and those who are struggling, and to build new ways of collaborating that drive innovation and change.

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Connect employees to your culture

With tools to communicate your culture, sync events to days when the right people are in the office, and monitor immediate feedback, BWith helps you provide employees a sense of deepened belonging, and create a stronger connection to the company's culture.

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