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Office days are for collaboration. We’ll make that happen.

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Our AI boosts collaboration - the number one reason for coming to the office - aligning with coworkers, solving problems with your team, and making sure things are moving forward.

Key benefits for teams

Be in the office with exactly the people you need.

BWith uses AI to automatically sync your office days with the people most important to you. This means you can easily align with colleagues, solve problems with your team, and make sure things are moving forward.


Know why you are coming to the office.

What’s the point of coming to the office if the people you need are working from home? BWith lets you look ahead and see which of the people you need will be in the office on any given day.


Good hybrid work should be tailored to your needs.

Every person has different needs, both personal and professional. BWith builds your a tailored schedule, finding the best way to meet your needs, while still maximizing your time with the right people.


Build relationships and spend time with friends.

After bringing you to the office together, BWith gives you a full set of tools to help you get real value from being in the same place with the right people.

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Try BWith for free.

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