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AI Attendance Forecast for Hybrid Workplaces

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BWith increases office attendance and improves culture, while reducing rent costs, through AI-driven attendance forecasting, analytics, and automation.

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Increase office attendance and improve engagement and culture

Employees get a clear forecast of who will be in the office on which day.

Knowing they’ll meet the people they need is the highest value in coming to the office, driving higher attendance engagement, retention and innovation.


Get full control with insights and analytics

Department managers receive detailed analytics such as historical attendance data, insights into office day overlaps, and gender bias analysis.

This empowers them to keep track of attendance, diversity, and inclusion, enabling more informed, data-driven policies.

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Reduce rent costs using cutting edge automated seat assignments

Our AI forecast automatically reserves the right seat for each employee, maximizing room utilization, freeing up space, and saving time.

And since our auto seating works with any existing room configuration and assignment schema, you won’t need to change anything in the way you work.


Monitor and ensure that enhanced flexibility is matched by heightened office day effectiveness and improved attendance.


Enable employees to plan their week, meet people in person, and get the highest value out of coming to the office.

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Fully automated seat reservations with intelligent seat assignments.

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Reliable capacity plan that does not rely on employee inputs.

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